The Key To Customer Conversion: Empathy

The Key To Customer Conversion: Empathy

 June 3, 2015      

One of the core aspects in the sales process, yet also one of the worst trained and practised, is empathizing with the prospective customer. If a business is able to empathize effectively and consistently with its intended target audience it will be able to craft sales messages and indeed solutions which genuinely cater to customer needs. The results: happier customers, more repeat business and a more successful business into the bargain. Below is a short video explaining the concept of empathy in more detail:

A quick summary with some analysis on this video is as follows:
Golden Rule #1: Listen!
It is very easy to go into “sales mode” and deliver what you think is a fantastic pitch only to be rebuffed at the end. Why? Well how did you know how to craft your messages so that they tie in with that specific prospect’s needs and fears? Listening is about asking the right questions, in a Socratic kind of way, with the intention of finding out exactly what a prospect’s best needs are. Armed with this information a genuine best-fit solution can be identified and delivered to the benefit of all parties.
Golden Rule #2: Use empathetic language
Using phrases such as “I can relate to that”, or “yes I can see how that would make you feel”, sometimes even followed up by a personal example tapping into the prospect’s mindset, can create real rapport with the prospect and open up factors to their mindset enabling you to solve their problems.
Use empathetic language

Use empathetic language

Golden Rule #3: Being judgmental burns deals!
We are all unique and approach life from a singular perspective. When receiving information from a prospect it is important to be open to it rather than closed and quick to judge.
Golden rule #4: Be curious!
Ask all the questions which you need to understand the prospect. Get charming at asking direct questions in a charming way. Being interested in people is a great way to build rapport and open up channels of communication, which you can then frame around the products or services you offer.
Golden rule #5: Challenge your own beliefs
Be prepared to adjust your own mindset and see life from others’ viewpoints. This will enable you to empathize truly with your prospect and understand what they really need.. It will also enable you to frame your value proposition in such a way that it resonates profoundly with the prospect and becomes and irresistible offer.
Golden rule #6: Never label anyone you meet
Labeling people makes them a two-dimensional commodity in your eyes and fails to build rapport. In fact, it destroys it. If you are serious about getting to know your customers well then you must get to know them on levels personal to them and to you. Seek out the commonalities and discuss issues with them based around these. You will be surprised how easy it is to build rapport quickly and effortlessly as you become indispensable to them.
Using these rules, you should be able to strike up instant rapport and empathy with your prospects. Look out for more core components in this series as you make the gap between online marketing and customer conversion real for your business!